What is videoslots and how do they differ?

Online casinos have classic and video slots to play upon. what is videoslots and how do they differ? Unlike classic online slots, these games have detailed paytables, have multiple paylines and have unique stories and themes. Video slots can have several special features that can make you rich. Classic slots are quite like those that we have played in land based casinos. These have 3 or 5 reels and you spin them to land the winning combination. There are fixed winnings and these slots don't have any Wilds, etc. Things are quite different in a video slots mobile casino.

Videoslots explained

In a typical video slot, there are many paylines i.e. winning combinations. These lines may range from 5 to 30, and may be straight or zigzagged. Video slots also have different symbols and different combinations to win the game. The low paying ones are the top symbols of a card suite. High paying symbols in video slots are generally aligned with the slots' themes. For example, a marine based slot might have an anchor has its top symbol. You can find out the values of the various symbols by looking at the paytable. Also look out for Wilds, Scatters, etc.

Wilds, Multipliers and Scatters

These symbols appear in very few video slots and can make you very rich. A Wild works like a joker; it substitutes for missing symbols in a winning combination. There are several forms of Wilds. An Expanding Wild stays on the reel and expands to cover all the other reels. Sticky Wilds stay in just one place while Marching Wilds cross one reel to another until they are gone from the screen. Stacked Wilds are stacked one over the other. Scatters can appear randomly on your screen and can trigger free spins and other bonus features in your game.

Multipliers in video slots

Some video slots also have Multipliers that can award you x2, x3 or even x10,000 of your base game winnings. So if you have won $1,000 in your base game, with your Multiplier you can win up to 1000x 1000$. Multipliers, Wilds, etc. are not present in classic slots.

what is videoslots and how do they differ?

The biggest area of difference of video slots with classic games is themes, storylines, and graphics. This isn't to say that classic slots don't have good graphics. Some of these games have rich graphics indeed. But most of the video slots that you see have better graphics than the classic slots. Video slots also have great storylines. For example, a pharaoh based slot would have a unique plot involving pyramids, pharaohs, sand dunes, etc. Classic slots are simple looking games; you just have to click the spin button and if you land a winning combination, you earn money.

How to play video slots?

You can play your game on your mobile device, laptop, desktop and tablet. Simply launch the game on your device and begin playing. Some casinos even let you install online slots on your device. There are two modes of playing these video slots- Auto and Manual. In the Manual mode, simply choose your bet level, and the total number of paylines that you want to bet upon. Now click the spin button. To play in the Auto mode, choose the number of spins in your game, and click Spin. Your device should have a stable internet connection.

what is videoslots and how do they differ?

Video slots have multiple paylines and offer several winning combinations to gamblers. Some of these games even have 25 or more paylines. In contrast, most classic slots have just one payline covering their reels. The winning combinations on these slots are thus limited. Some classic slots have 3 or 5 paylines. Another area of difference is bonus games. Classic slots don't have bonus games for the players. Video slots have these additional features and that is why so many online gamblers prefer video slots over the classic games. With bonus games and features, your winning potential is greatly increased.

How to win vide slots?

If you are a new gambler, start by playing slots for free. These could be video or classic slots. Many online casinos offer free and demo games to their new players. Once you have mastered your slot, make your first deposit and play for real money. Start by laying small bets on slots having high RTP and low volatility. High RTP slots are those that offer better returns to players. Low volatile games let you win small amounts of money over a long period. Play according to your bankroll and after hitting a winning streak , stop your game.