Star Trek: Voyager - The Arcade Game

Star Trek: Voyager may be gone from arcade floors but is not forgotten, at least not by collectors of classic arcade games and light gun game enthusiasts around the world. While the game received less than glowing reviews from game critics after it's release in 2002, the limited number of consoles that were created and that are still in existence today make this licensed title a sought after item for niche collectors. Despite the scores given by reviewers, this game proved to be well worth the investment for arcade operators who purchase or leased it through distributors.

Star Trek: Voyager, the Arcade Game

The brain child of developer Game Refuge Inc and published by Monarch Entertainment and Team Play Inc, used a standard and widely appreciated mode of play for both single and multiplayer modes though the first person shooter gameplay. Reloading was as simple as shooting anywhere that wasn't at the main game screen as the battle against the species assimilating Borg, Species 8472, Hirogen Hunters, and other hostile alien forces rages onward. The core game revolved around battling these hostiles as they invaded Voyager, threatening the crew in various ways as well as taking the fight to them, playing offensively instead of defensively.

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The gameplay ranged form acting as an ensign on foot battling enemies abord the titular USS Voyager, a Starfleet ship, as well as fighting enemies in space as the Delta Flyer, a small shuttle, is moved 'on rails' from point to point. The enemies were the main point of contention for those who didn't like the game, saying that some seemed out of place and that their quality was much lower than what was expected of such a high profile title. Use this offer of $20 and 5 free spins to play exciting casino games on the best Canadian online casino sites. Act now and take advantage of this amazing offer.

Two different cabinet configurations were available for the unit with the full sized cabinet offering players the chance to sit for their adventure through the Delta Quadrant. A smaller variant was available for operators whose space was more restricted, allowing them to host and cash in on this game that proved to be quite profitable in it's time. Even though the show that the game is based off of has been off the air for more than a decade, there are still people out there looking to own and play this game with a small handful of cabinets being reportedly shipped out of the US, the only market licensed for the release, to Australia and Japan.