Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Three years after the success of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, its sequel has been released. The second installment on the Star Trek movie series is entitled the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It has been launched by Paramount Pictures on June 4, 1982. Learn through this article why this version is considered as the best among the Star Trek movie series.

The producers of the first Star Trek film are inspired to create this sequel due to the high income in the first movie. The expectation in terms of gross is achieved by the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In fact, the first day of its release already garnered US $97 million earning. Aside from the high revenue of this science fiction film, positive feedbacks also flooded the movie's creativity. Indeed, the Star Trek II is highly appreciated by the critics and other viewers.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is about revenge. The story revolves around vengeance of a tyrant named Khan Noonien Singh. Fifteen years ago, Admiral James Kirk exiled Khan and the other rebels who tried to colonize the starship USS Enterprise. The exiled families are brought from Earth to Ceti Alpha V. Later on, Ceti Alpha VI has exploded affecting the environment of its neighboring places like Ceti Alpha V. The wife of Khan died due to the aftermath of the explosion. Khan blames Admiral Kirk for the death of his wife, thus, he seeks for revenge.

In line with the revenge of Khan, he tries to control Commander Chekov and Captain Terrell using the indigenous eels that governs the mind of its victims. Khan attacks the spaceship of Kirk using Chekov and Terrel. The tyrant even attempts to kill Kirk using Chekov and Terrell but the two remained loyal to the admiral despite of having the manipulative eels. Since Khan has no knowledge in operating the spaceship he colonized, Kirk's team is able to attack and defeat Khan. The USS Enterprise is able to escape the wrath with the help of Captain Spock. However, Spock eventually died due to radiation poisoning.

Nicholas Meyer has directed this 1982 movie. Harve Bennett outlined the film while Jack Sowards wrote the full script. The score is created by James Horner. The original Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry is already out of the production due to the negative comments on the first movie.