Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

With the undeniable success of the first two Star Trek movies, Paramount Pictures continues the legacy of the famous television series. Hence, the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock has been released. This 1984 movie is an American science fiction movie that also gained popularity.

As the continuation of the spaceship Enterprise's adventure, the crew of the said spaceship has returned to planet Earth. Unfortunately, the crew came back to Earth without Spock, who died due to radiation poisoning during their escape. The body of Spock has been launched to the orbit of planet created by the Genesis device. Spock's body eventually landed on the said planet. As the son of Admiral Kirk, David Marcus, investigates on Genesis, he discovers a life formed out of the planet. It has been revealed later on that the spirit of Spock is transferred to Doctor Leonard McCoy. In order to save Spock, the team needs to unite Spock's body with his spirit. Although it is forbidden, Kirk and his crew use the Enterprise to return to the planet of Genesis to do their mission. Despite of the challenges they encounter, they are able to save Spock in the end.

Leonard Nimoy, who plays the character of Spock, is also the director of this third installment of the movie series. Meanwhile, Harve Bennett, who is the producer of the movie, writes the whole script. The score created James Horner, who is a popular composer, is used to add drama in the film. To make it more realistic, both Nimoy and Bennett decided to work with the reputable Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). The storyboards, sequences, spaceship designs, and other effects are handled by the ILM. Most of the scenes in the movie are filmed in the studios of Paramount Pictures and ILM. In the end, the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is highly appreciated in terms of the special effects.

The Star Trek III: The Search for Spock instantly earned $87 million for its first week. In fact, the gross income from North America alone already reached more than $16 million. The movie is launched on June 1, 1984. It is truly a blockbuster movie as most of the critics release positive comments on the movie. The bulk of positive feedback is mainly focused on the cast and characters.