Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

The fifth installment of the movie series Star Trek has premiered on June 9, 1989. This American science fiction film entitled Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is created by the Paramount Pictures with the help of the experts in the industry. This 1989 movie is also a blockbuster hit.

The plot of the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier revolves around the search for God in the galaxy. The movie has started in the Yosemite National Park where Captain Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are enjoying their leaves. Their vacation has been interrupted by an emergency call from the Starfleet Command. The three are requested to join a mission wherein they need to save humans captivated on the planet Nimbus III. Upon arriving at the planet Nimbus III, Kirk's team find out that the mastermind of this hostage taking is Sybok, who is the half-brother of Spock. Sybok has planned the hostage taking in order to get a spaceship that he will then use to look for the creator of the galaxy.

After some debates, Kirk and his fellowmen accompanied Sybok to pass the barrier and meet the presumed god. Sybok has realized that the god he is looking for is just an alien so he sacrificed himself for the others to escape. Later on, the team of Kirk boarded the Enterprise spaceship and headed back to Yosemite National Park to continue their interrupted vacation.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is directed by William Shatner, who plays the character of Kirk. Herman Zimmerman serves as the production designer while Jerry Goldsmith composes the movie score. In terms of special effects, this specific film is not able to rent its previous effect house Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) since the company is busy and expensive that time. To cut the cost, the movie chooses Bran Ferren's business of film effects. However, the results of special effects disappoint the audience. In the end, the movie still maintains its success in its first week.