Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The legacy of Star Trek television series, which is aired in 1966 to 1969, has been continued by the Paramount Pictures. Fans of the said television series are delighted when its sequel has been released in 1979. This American science fiction is entitled the Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

This 1979 movie is all about the mission to save the planet Earth from the alien named V'Ger. Around the twenty-third century, the Epsilon Nine monitoring station notices this alien covered in an enormous energy cloud. The monitoring station detects that this alien is heading to planet Earth. Thus, the starship Enterprise together with Captain Kirk, Commander Decker, and Commander Spock are sent to investigate this alien. Later on, they found out that V'Ger is a probe that gained consciousness for gathering information on the space.

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Gene Roddenberry is the mastermind behind this genius franchise. He is the one who urged the Paramount Pictures to continue his television series. Despite of the rough start in planning and polishing the script of the film, Paramount Pictures still pursued the movie due to the success of the other science fiction films like Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third World in the same era.

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been directed by Academy Awardee Robert Wise. Robert Fletcher and Harold Michelson, who are the costume designer and production designer respectively, work together to bring out the best props and decors for the movie. The effects in the movie are supervised by Douglas Trumbull while the score is created by Jerry Goldsmith. The estimated budget for the film is $15 million but the final production costs the Paramount Pictures about $46 million.

On December 7, 1979, the Star Trek movie was finally launched in theaters. The extensive cost of the movie easily pays off as the movie grossed $139 million. High earnings lead to a sequel film for Star Trek.