Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is the second to the last installment of the movie series based on the famous television show Star Trek. This part emphasizes its social relevance by raising environmental issues. In addition, this 1986 movie is mostly filmed outside the studio, giving its audience a more realistic ambiance.

Another special thing about Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is that it is dedicated to the crew passengers of Space Shuttle Challenger. After 73 seconds pass the takeoff, the spaceship fails and breaks down. The incident happens on January 28, 1986. To commemorate the said crew, this sequel is devoted to them.

The story involves a time travel into the past. As an alien probe tries to contact the humpback whales, which are already extinct in the twenty third century, the probe destroys all the signals near it. Kirk's team stranded in planet Vulcan travels back in time to get some humpback whales from 1986. The team successfully brings the whales in the future and solves the issue with the probe.

Like the other installments, this movie is also produced by Paramount Pictures. Leonard Nimoy is entrusted once more to direct the movie. With the help of Harve Bennett who is the producer of the movie, Nimoy is able to incorporate an important environmental note for the viewers of the film. Nicholas Meyer, who wrote and directed the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, is also asked to contribute in the story script. The scenes are frequently on location to use actual buildings in San Francisco City and live humpback whales. The special effects in post-production are again managed by the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). The movie really outstands because of the great people who worked behind the film.

On November 26, 1986, the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home has been launched in North America. As expected, the movie holds another financial success like the other sequels of the movie. The film has earned $133 million in its global revenue. Aside from financial success, the film also upholds success in gathering many awards and even nominations in Academy Awards night. In general, this film has been warmly welcomed by the Star Trek fanatics and gladly commended by the critics.